Why a spa for men?

Why a spa for men?

Why a spa for men?

Men need a space to call their own in the “spa world”. We no longer wanted men to awkwardly wedge themselves beside a group of women getting their Saturday afternoon mani-pedi and interrupt their spa date.


So, 14 years ago, we opened our doors as Canada’s first spa just for men. Here are the top reasons why.


As men, we don’t usually like being on display, especially when we’re receiving personal grooming or want to ask questions. That’s why assessments and services are performed in your own private treatment room, and you work one-on-one with your trusting therapist. We respect your privacy and give you the freedom to relax and ask any questions.


We designed Bodé intentionally just for men. From the inviting décor and spa amenities to having robes and sandals that fit any sized man, everything has been chosen with your comfort in mind. We’re even equipped with wider massage tables and chairs so you no longer need to feel like you’re invading a woman’s space. The space is yours to enjoy.

Specialized services

Men’s bodies have some fundamental differences from those of women. For example, men are more likely to get fungal nail infections. Men also produce thicker, coarser hair and more sebaceous oil. For these reasons, our services are customized for men and to address your needs. We pride ourselves in delivering results based on a deep understanding of the male body.

Specialized training

Did you know that most esthetic schools spend only a few hours being trained to work with men? At Bodé, we’ve revolutionized the industry by placing all our employees through a 6-8-week intense course and provide on-going training on how to best serve our male clientele. As leaders in our industry, we’ve developed specifically formulated products and ensure that our therapists have an in-depth knowledge of all our products and how to best treat your needs


We live in a world that does not prioritize a man’s skincare and grooming. Most men go their entire lives not knowing how to properly shave or treat their skin — a little tip, washing with water simply doesn’t cut it. Our culture is evolving, but it still has not caught up completely. Before we opened in 2004, we saw the struggle that men were facing and continue to see the knowledge gaps with many of our clients. This is why we take an educational approach with everything that we do. With every experience at Bodé, you’ll learn essential information so you can achieve results even after your visit.

Why not?

Everyone needs to spend some time to refresh. It’s the only way we can put our best foot (and face) forward when the time comes. When you’re ready to get away from the hustle and bustle, come relax in a stress-free environment and take time to be re-energized; we’ve got a comfy chair waiting for you right here at Bodé.