BODÉ BASICS: Wax vs Sugar

BODÉ BASICS: Wax vs Sugar

What’s the difference between Wax and Sugar?

In our last post, we went into the details of the differences between clipping, shaving, waxing, and sugaring. A question we get asked almost daily is:
 “What’s the difference between wax and sugar?”. 

Waxing and sugaring are both hair removal techniques that use a sticky paste to remove unwanted body hair. Both remove hair from the root, unlike shaving and clipping, which explains why you stay smoother for longer when you choose to wax or sugar. Let’s break down the differences.

What’s used in waxing?

Professional salon-grade wax is either a resin-based or rosin-based substance and contains tree sap extracts. Wax may also contain other natural ingredients like vegetable oil and beeswax.

When to choose waxing?

Waxing is a tried and true method for hair removal; it’s fast, it’s efficient and it also allows us to work on large areas. For men with thick, coarse hair wax is especially great. We recommend that clients have hair that is at least 1/4-inch long.

When doing more sensitive areas, there’s the option of using hard wax, which works like sugar and does not disrupt the skin. It hardens almost immediately upon contact with the skin and can be used on the ears, nose, brows, and genitals

What’s used in sugaring?

You guessed it: sugar! We use organic sugar cane which is made into a paste with water and lemon juice. Initially, the paste resembles wax but when mixed together its texture becomes honey-like.

When to choose sugaring?

Sugaring is the recommended treatment for anyone with sensitive or allergy-prone skin types. It is also recommended for delicate areas like the genitals and armpits. We recommend that clients have hair that is 1/4-inch long, but sugar is oftentimes capable of removing hairs that are shorter. Sugaring is less disruptive to the skin than waxing because it pulls the hair in its natural direction and only sticks to dead skin cells.

It’s important to remember:
  1. Waxing and sugaring should be done at least 5-7 days before your special event or spending extended periods of time in the sun.
  2. We need hair to be approximately 1/4-inch long to be able to wax or sugar.
  3. If you’re addicted to the gym, we recommend that you do your workout in the morning of your appointment and take a shower before your visit.
  4. After your procedure, you will need approximately 24 hours before you’re engaging in any sweat-inducing activities.
  5. Remember to exfoliate every day in the shower! An exfoliating scrub towel is recommended.

I hope this post helps you to choose whether you want to wax or sugar. If you have any follow-up questions, send us an email and let us know.