Located in Ottawa’s picturesque district of Sandy Hill with a team of educated staff, Bodé is dedicated to bringing “man” and “spa” together in a comfortable, private and professional atmosphere that clients can truly call their own.

2 way Text:  424 289 6571

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Phone: 613.565.2633

Spa Hours

Monday 10AM – 6PM
Tuesday 11AM – 7PM
Wednesday 9AM – 9PM
Thursday  9AM – 9PM
Friday  10AM – 8PM
Saturday 10AM – 6PM


There is 1 hr free parking on Chapel, and on surrounding streets in the neighbourhood. For clients that are visiting for multiple hours, Bodé has a parking spot that can be reserved.

Spa Photos

Ottawa Staff


I speak: English

Expert: Pedicures

Services I provide: Body Grooming (wax/sugar/shave/clip), Facial skin care, Massage, Body Scrubs, Pedicures, Manicures, Tinting, Consultations.

Fun fact about me: I’m more of a cat person, than a dog person. One of my favourite games is D&D (Dungeons and Dragons, in case you’re unfamiliar). You’re welcome to ask me what class I’m currently playing on your next visit to Bodé Spa.

I speak: English

Expert: Certified Master Pedicurist, Clipping, Waxing, Massage, Shaving, Facial Skincare, Laser Hair Removal

Services I provide: Body Grooming (wax/sugar/shave/clip), Body Scrubs, Pedicures, Manicures, Consultations, Facial Skincare, Laser Hair Removal.

Fun fact about me: When I’m not indoors working, I love to travel! Whether it’s hiking or laying on a beach, I relish in being outdoors.