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Tizo3 Mineral Sunscreen for Face (tinted)

Sunscreen that won't leave you white.

Read our article "Are you using the wrong sunscreen?" to know how to choose a sunscreen.

This sunscreen has all the benefits of Tizo 2, plus the added benefit of a tint. This tint is not "makeup". The tint is Iron Oxide, a mineral that masks the "whiteness" of Titanium and Zinc.

It camouflages into your skin based on your pigmentation as you rub it on. We recommend this formula for people who are Fitzpatrick III through VI. Fitzpatrick II may also enjoy this formula, as some of our clients have.

Prevent pre-mature skin aging, sun-induced wrinkles and UV-triggered skin darkening.
Trust TIZO with your sun care.

Tizo3 Mineral Sunscreen for Face (tinted)