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Nail Tincture Spray


Don't let yellow nails stop your fun.

Don't be embarrassed; men are 2.4x more likely than women to develop a fungul nail infection.

Treating fungal nails is a gradual battle, and this nail tincture is your weapon.
This effective spray takes care of unsightly toenails prone to fungal infections with its patented Spiraleen® anti-microbial formula.

Read our article Nail Fungus: an Intro Guide for Men" to learn more about nail fungus treatment.


Supporting Canadian – Footlogix is a Canadian company, based in Etobicoke.
  • Treats discoloured toenails prone to fungal infections
  • Penetrates into the skin under the nail to eliminate fungus
  • Easy to use, takes only seconds to apply with pin-point spray

  • Spiraleen: An algae extract that is patented to have a higher anti-microbial profile
  • Clotrimazole: an effective anti-fungal agent

Hold can in desired position and spray infected toenails from a distance of 1 inch. Spray both the top and underneath the nail(s). Allow to dry for 10-15 seconds.

Apply twice daily until conditions are resolved.
Fungal infections can take up to a year to fully treat. It's a slow process; there are no quick fixes for nail fungus.


Chat with a Bodé therapist about your condition or about this product.

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Nail Tincture Spray