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Our Story

Welcome to our shop!

Our Shop Philosophy

Regardless of whether its our Bodé labeled products or the spa-level brands, we have some guiding principles behind the products that we choose to sell:

  • promote products that we use ourselves at Bodé Spa locations
  • carry products that have received positive reviews from our clients and staff
  • support Canadian companies as much as we can.


From humble beginnings...

It all started with a single spa named Little House Spa. Built away from Ottawa's hustle and bustle, the spa's acres of wilderness and expert services attracted not just women to the spa; it also attracted a growing number of men! 

Men shared lots of stories about their experiences in trying to find a comfortable place to frequent. Stories ranged between being refused services, being injured due to therapists lack of experience working on men, to being ridiculed or shamed for their interest in self-care. That's why they were coming to Little House Spa; because they didn't experience any of those negatives.

In response, the owner of Little House Spa launched Bodé Spa in 2004. It came onto the Ottawa scene as an inclusive, welcoming facility that specialized in male grooming and skin care. Finally, a sanctuary was created!

In 2015, Bodé opened its second location, expanding into downtown Toronto. 




Developing our own skin care products

Across our two decades of working with men, we have heard a lot of stories. Guys tell us about the products they used and loved...aaaand...the ones that they regret buying.

From this feedback, we started in 2019 to design skin care products for men to help solve common issues men have. We create products that work and people enjoy using (unlike many drugstore products), but without the expensive spa price tag.