Summer Grooming Guide: part 2

Summer Grooming Guide: part 2

Show that body: 6 Summer tips for your Body

  1. Wear sunscreen (preferably a mineral sunscreen)

As our number one summer body-care tip, it’s worth repeating: Wear sunscreen every, single day. We suggest a light-weight mineral sunscreen, like TiZo, which provides the best protection from the sun’s rays.


2. Care after your sunburns

If you ignore Tip #1, you are likely to get a sunburn. Apply a cool compress to the burnt areas a few times a day for the first day or two; a towel soaked with cold water works well. This will lower the temperature of the burnt area, especially if it’s hot to the touch. Wear loose fitting clothing and don’t scrub (or itch!) your skin. Wait until the burns are healed and that the skin is no longer uncomfortable to touch before you start exfoliating.

Finally, apply an ointment a few times a day to help with the healing process. We recommend using Nature’s Aid All Natural Skin Gel. It doubles as a first-aid ointment for cuts, scrapes and burns, and can even act as a light moisturizer, aftershave or soothing ointment after waxing.


3. Exfoliate your skin

Whether you’re peeling from a sunburn, chasing an even tan, or feeling a little flaky, exfoliate your skin regularly. You can slough off this old skin using different tools: scrub towels or mitts, loofahs, brushes, sugar or pumice-based scrubs, etc. Choose whichever method appeals to you most. The easiest method is an exfoliating towel because it’s easy to use, it can reach your back, you can travel easily with it and even use it in the gym shower without getting any weird looks.


#4 Remove unwanted body hair

Consider doing some body grooming during the summer months. At the spa, we frequently hear stories from dads whose kids have banned them from entering the pool until they take care of their back hair. Or from our hairier guys about how much easier it is to stay feeling fresh and manage sweat by grooming key areas, such as the back, armpits, butt, and genitals.

Not sure if you want to wax, sugar, shave or clip? Check out this guide that we wrote.


5. Dye unwanted grey hair

We are noticing an increase in guys concerned about the grey hairs on their body, particularly in the chest and pubic regions. Hair dying products like “Just for Men” are not ideal for body hair because they can irritate and chemically “burn” the skin. If used incorrectly, they can also dye your skin. Look for a safe, non-toxic hair colour that is specifically designed to be used on the body.

We have started to experiment with Betty Beauty and have seen great results. Keep an eye on our service menu, as we may offer it as an in-spa treatment.


6. Treat your feet

Don’t skip a pool party or a beach day because you’re self-conscious about your feet. Keep your nails clipped and scrape away any calluses with an exfoliating foot paddle or pumice stone. If your feet are looking dry and cracked, apply a hydrating moisturizer that is specifically formulated for your feet. The soles of our feet are designed differently than the rest of our skin, and so they need their own targeted product.

If you’re self-conscious about nails that look irregular due to fungus or years of abuse, book a pedicure with a Certified Master Pedicurist to help reshape the nail, getting it to look like the rest of its neighbors.