Grooms: are you ready for your wedding?

Grooms: are you ready for your wedding?

Follow this grooming calendar before you get married

It’s no secret, weddings can be stressful. When there are a million things to do before the big day, it’s easy for grooming to be neglected until a few days before the wedding. Then panic sets in!

To help you better prepare, we’ve put together a grooming calendar so you can look and feel your best without any last-minute hassles. We are not saying that you need to do all of these things; choose what is important for you and incorporate them into your primary wedding prep calendar, so you’ll have everything in one place.


1 month (or more) before the wedding


• If you have a barber, you should work with them to determine the best haircut for your wedding day. If you don’t have a barber, start searching for one a few months before and start building a rapport with them. You’ll want to get your hair cut a week before your wedding, so it’s best to work with someone who you trust and who knows your style and your hair.
• Book your pre-wedding haircut for 5-10 days before your wedding, so you’re guaranteed an appointment. Ask for an extra 5-10 minutes to be added to your appointment, so you can ask your barber for styling tips on how to get your desired hairstyle for your wedding day.


• Book your hydrating pre-wedding facial for 3-7 seven days before your wedding, so you’re guaranteed an appointment. It’s always best to minimize future stress by planning ahead. Do not book a facial that performs blackhead extractions or any aggressive exfoliation like peels.
• If you need blackheads removed, get a facial that involves blackhead extractions 1-2 months before your wedding day. Extractions can leave your skin red and irritated for a few days. This facial visit also allows you to speak with a therapist on whether any changes need to be made to your skincare regime leading up to your wedding.

Sunless tan

• It usually takes just 1-3 days for sunless tanning products to work, but we recommend testing out tanning products at least one month before. This will give you the chance to experiment, do a full-body application and see if you like the finished look. If you’re unhappy with how it looks, not to worry as it should be gone within a few weeks.


• If you’re self-conscious about your smile, you may consider whitening your teeth. Speak with your dentist at least one month before to get product recommendations.


5-10 days before the wedding


• Get your hair cut. Remember, this is not the time you’ll be trying new looks or making drastic changes. Stick to the plan that you’ve established with your barber on your last visit. If anything should go wrong with the cut, you’ll still have 1-2 weeks for your hair to regrow. Use the extra 5-10 minutes that you requested to ask your barber which styling products to use and how to re-create the look for yourself on the big day.


3-7 days before the wedding

Hair removal (wax, shave, clip)

• Chances are your wedding day will be memorialized on camera, most likely high definition, and all eyes will be on you and your spouse. (No pressure!) We highly recommend getting your brows, visible nose and ear hairs professionally groomed so you’ll be confident on camera when the time comes.
• If your partner has complained about your body hair, or hinted at wanting you to be a bit smoother, take the opportunity especially if you’re going on a tropical destination wedding to give it a try. You can choose to wax, shave or clip. If you’ve never waxed before we recommend that you consider shaving or clipping. Some might react badly to waxing, leaving a rash-like reaction for up to a week. You don’t want to discover that you have sensitive skin just a few days before your important day.
• Popular pre-wedding grooming is the back area and the brozillian (butt and genitals). If you want to go “all-in” we recommend waxing or shaving your back and brozillian area and clip the rest of your body.


• Book a soothing, hydrating facial. Be sure to avoid extractions or aggressive exfoliation, as you don’t want to disturb your skin too much and trigger any irritation.


• You’ll be shaking hands with guests and taking close-up photos of your rings so a manicure is always a great idea. You can DIY it at home with these three, easy steps:
1. Cut your nails leaving a thin white crescent moon shape.
2. File your nails with a nail file into your desired shape and get rid of
any rough edges.
3. Buff your nails with a buffing block to give them a healthy shine.


• You’ll be on your feet all day, so be sure that your feet are prepped. If you have a destination wedding where you will be in sandals, a pedicure is a very good idea; especially if you suspect having any fungus or misshapen toenails. You can DIY it at home with the same three steps as the manicure. One extra step is to exfoliate any calluses on the bottom of your feet using an exfoliating foot paddle or a pumice stone.

Sunless Tan

• Apply your sunless tan according to the instructions. This is not the time to experiment or take any risks. Once you’ve applied the product, there’s no turning back.


• Since this is a stressful time, you might want to enjoy a little downtime with your partner before the big day. Some spa time together could be a great way to prep and unwind. Spa time can also be a social experience for the groom and his groomsmen.
Popular services to do together as a group are pedicures, manicures, facials, and massages.


Wedding day


• Style your hair as decided between you and your barber.
• If you choose to shave on your wedding day, be sure to use a new blade and a lubricating shaving cream and/or shave oil. This will reduce the chances of getting razor burn. If you’re concerned about razor burn, shave the night before your wedding.
• Whether it’s an opportunity to enjoy a moment of silence before the craziness of the day, or as a bonding moment with your groomsmen, you might enjoy a hot-towel straight razor shave on the day of your wedding. If you choose to get a straight razor shave, be sure to work with your regular barber to minimize any chances of mistakes.

Final pre-wedding grooming tips:
Be sure to talk about grooming with your partner well before your big day to determine what’s important to them as well.

Do what’s important and feel free to enjoy additional services; your big day won’t be ruined because of grooming. However, how you look is likely to raise some attention from your soon-to-be spouse and guests, so give it some consideration and put it into your planning calendar.

Most of all be prepared, don’t try anything drastic, and do what will make you feel your best!