4 FAQs on giving the perfect spa gift

4 FAQs on giving the perfect spa gift

All you need to know about giving a spa gift card

When searching for the perfect gift for the man in your life, whether it’s your father, brother, significant other, friend or coworker, a day at the spa is a great option. We have spoken with lots of generous people who wanted to give their guy a dose of relaxation, paired with a useful treatment, but were unsure what would be the right gift.

In light of Father’s Day coming up in a few weeks, we decided to write this guide to help answer the most frequently asked questions we receive about gift-giving.


Question #1: “Should I choose services or just get a dollar value?”

Choosing to get a gift card for specific services shows that you put time and effort into curating an experience for the receiver. It shows that you thought about what type of treatments they might enjoy, or they might need. Looking at the spa menu and trying to determine which service(s) to select can be intimidating, especially if the receiver has never been to that particular spa or to any spa at all. So, choosing services for them removes the potential anxiety of choice and lets them just show up and enjoy.

Choosing to get a gift card for a dollar value shows that you want the receiver to have the exact experience that they want. If they are regulars at the spa, this gives them the flexibility to choose whether to spend it on their regular services or try something new. If the receiver has never been to a spa before, you may be concerned that they might misinterpret the services you kindly chose as a hint that they need to fix something about themselves. In cases that you may not know the receiver very well and aren’t sure what they would enjoy, choosing a dollar value may be the right choice.

Question #2: “What do I get someone who regularly goes to a spa?”

If you want to give a unique and memorable experience, choose one unique service that they have never tried before or that is unique to the spa. Or you can create a custom package by bundling services together that you know the receiver loves.

If you want to play on the safer side, determine the service(s) that they regularly receive, and gift them a dollar amount that allows them to enjoy their favorite service(s) for one or two visits.

Question #3: “What do I get someone who has never been to a spa?”

We recommend services for “spa newbies,” rather than gifting a dollar value, particularly a pedicure and a facial (without extractions) for someone’s first time. It makes the experience less intimidating and saves the receiver the time and stress of figuring out what they should try.
In the years we’ve been working with men, once they’ve experienced the benefits of going to a spa, they are very appreciative and look forward to their next visit.

Question #4: “Will it expire?”

At Bodé Spa, none of our gift cards expire. When you buy a gift card, you always have the full dollar value of the gift card available.

At other spas, always ask the question before you buy. On October 1, 2007, the Consumer Protection Act in Ontario banned expiry dates and most fees on gift cards. This means if you buy a gift card to a spa for $100, the gift card can never expire nor can its value decrease over time. However, gift cards that are for specific spa services are typically not covered under the Consumer Protection Act in Ontario, as well as some other exceptions. This means that those gift cards may expire, so always ask before you buy.

At Bodé Spa, we work with you to make sure that the gift giving experience is smooth for both you and for the receiver.

Gift cards are available online or by calling us to speak with our helpful front desk.
Giving the perfect gift has never been so easy!