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  • Permanent hair removal  electrolysis is medically recognized as a PERMANENT solution
  • Safe for all skin tones – electrolysis can be performed on clients across all skin tones and hair colour
  • No need for maintenance – you won’t need to do “touch-ups” to stay hair-free for the rest of your life

Electrolysis can be performed on any facial and body part, including genitals, beards, back, chest, ears, eyebrows, feet, hands, etc.


What makes Bodé Spa different than other Electrolysis clinics?

  • we use a surgical microscope to perform precise work, rather than magnifying lamps
  • you don’t need to purchase numbing cream; we provide it prior to each session (if needed)
  • we work closely with a diversity of clients, including trans and non-binary
  • we are very comfortable doing genital hair removal, including gender-affirming surgery prep
Duration Price
any body/face area
30 min $60
60 min $108


Before starting treatment, a 30-minute consultation is required. During this consultation, we will discuss your goals and explain the process required to meet those goals.


You will also receive a 5-minute mini-treatment so that you can experience electrolysis before committing to the series.

Duration Price
Consultation 30 min $50