manscaping services

This ain't the 40 Year-old Virgin. Discover the treatment that sets Bodé apart. We'll change your perception about 'scaping!

Ask us about our Frequent Waxer package if you wish to maintain a regular waxing regime.

Wax / Sugar Shave Clip
Guybrows $15 to $25
Ears & Nose $10 each
Face Lift (brow, nose and ears) $40
Back (includes shoulders and upper arm) $35 to $50 $25 $15
Chest (includes chest, stomach, shoulders) $35 to $50 $25 $15
Neck $15
Arms (includes hands and fingers) $45 $25 $15
1/2 Arms $20 $15 $10
Armpits $20 $20 10
Hands or Feet $15 each $10 each $10 each
Toes or Fingers $10 each $5 each $5 each
Legs (includes feet and toes) $75 $40 $20
Butt/Brief (cheeks, crease, perineum) $50 $35 $15
Crease $25 $15
Pubic Hair $10
Part Bro-Zilian (cheeks, crease, perineum, scrotum, shaft) $70 $45
Full Bro-Zilian (everything, including pubic hair) $80 $55
Full Body $150 to $300 $100 to $150 $75 to $90

Full body grooming prices are to be determined in-person, on the day of your appointment or consultation.


massage therapies

Bodé Spa takes massage very seriously. Massage is one of the oldest and most reliable forms of relaxation, pain management and healing.
Our Massage Practitioners (MP) are highly trained, primarily in the Swedish style.

*Insurance receipts cannot be issued.

Duration MP
30 Minutes $50
60 Minutes $70
90 Minutes $100

Head's Up!

An invigorating scalp treatment with a ridiculously amazing massage of the head, neck and shoulders. Treat your thinking cap by booking this service on its own or by adding it to any service.
30min - $45

4-Hand Massage

This one-of-a-kind massage combines the skills of two therapists working simultaneously on one client to achieve a deeply relaxing state. With four hands on the body, it's best not to try to keep track of who's where, but to surrender to the massage experience. This is a powerful treatment for anyone who has a hard time letting go and wants to disconnect from the outside world for a while. If you're poor on time, have difficulty switching off, or want to treat a massage 'connoisseur' to something different, then start seeing double!

This treatment is a relaxation treatment; insurance receipts cannot be issued.
60min - $130

HydroTherapy *Ottawa location only

HydroTherapy massage is something that must be experienced to be believed. The effects and results of the classic 'dry' massage are amplified when performed in our spectacular Hydro Room. Described by our clients as a rain forest grotto, this 'wet' massage heats your body from the inside out, transforming classical to mythical.

Duration MP
60 minutes $100
60 minutes (45min. massage & 15min. scrub) $110
90 minutes $130
90 minutes ((1 hr.15min massage & 15 min. scrub) $140


body service

Back Cleanse

Can't quite reach your back? This express treatment is a quick 3-step process: a professional cleanse, exfoliation and a moisturizer application geared to your skin type. This treatment does not include extractions.
30min - $50


In-growns? Bacne? Dry / itchy skin? We've got your back. This popular treatment includes the following steps to help treat that hard-to-reach area: a professional cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), a customized masque and a moisturizing massage.
60min - $100

The Scrub Down

Step out of your old skin. Using a range of exfoliants, your therapist will scrub you down with a skin-refining body polish that is tailored to your skin type and/or conditions, and then complete the experience with a moisturizing massage. A MUST for dry, itchy or scaling skin.
60 min - $90

The HydroScrub Down *Ottawa location only

An unbelievable experience with unbelievable results. Step into our one-of-a-kind Hydrotherapy Room, and enjoy the feeling of shedding your old skin. Using a range of exfoliants, your therapist will scrub you down with a skin-refining body polish that is tailored to your skin type and/or conditions, and then complete the experience with a moisturizing massage. A MUST for dry, itchy or scaling skin.
60min - $100

The Mudslide *Ottawa location only

Get dirty! Start by shedding your skin with an exfoliation, then bask in 100% Canadian Moor Mud packed with nutrient-rich minerals, followed by a moisturizing massage to further nourish your skin. The entire experience takes place in our warm and aromatic Hydrotherapy room. The choice of mud (pine, dark chocolate, etc) will be customized to your skin type and/or conditions.
60min - $100

Turkish Body Scrub *Ottawa location only

Utilizing our HydroTherapy Room to its fullest, we recreate the steam room experience inspired by the Hammams of Northern Africa and the Middle East. With Dead Sea mineral salts, Egyptian Loofah and our own charcoal "soap", your Tellak (washer) will perform a classic, vigorous body cleanse. This treatment will leave your body, mind and soul enlivened and energized.
60min - $120


A good face they say, is a letter of recommendation; so put your best face forward. Each of our facial treatments are custom-built to your individual needs and concerns. Each one includes an assessment prior to treatment to give you the opportunity to share your concerns and for us to see what is going on with your skin.

Speak to your skin care therapist about your concerns: razor burn, oily/acneic, dry/dehydrated, aging, rosacea, etc.

If possible, refrain from shaving the morning of your facial appointment. If you have facial hair of any style you DO NOT have to shave, clip or trim it for any treatment.

Please bring the face care products you use to your appointment, or take photos of the ingredients list. It doesn't matter if it's just a regular bar of soap or an entire skin care line; we want to see what you are using to be able to help you deal with your skin.

The Tune-Up

This is our most common facial. This treatment includes: cleanse, exfoliation, treatment mask, moisture infusion and a massage (scalp, neck, face, shoulders).

We recommend this treatment if you maintain a regular facial regime or want to look your best for an event. This treatment does not include extractions.
60min - $100

*Add Bull's Eye to a facial - $25 (See description under Target Treatments)
*Add Lip Service to a facial - $10 (See description under Target Treatments)

The Liquid Plumber

All skin types need a deep cleanse. Also, our climate shifts 180 degrees twice a year, and you need to ease into those new environmental factors. This treatment includes: cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, 1-2 treatment masks, moisture infusion and a massage (scalp, neck, face, shoulders)

We recommend this treatment in 3 to 6 months intervals, whether it's to prepare for the new season or whether you desire a deep cleanse and/or need extractions.
90min - $125

*Add Bull's Eye to a facial - $25 (See description under Target Treatments)
*Add Lip Service to a facial - $10 (See description under Target Treatments)

The Apprentice

School is in session: Skin Care 101. Learn the Bodé basics of how to maintain your skin's health at home and have your questions answered by our therapists. This treatment uses our introductory skin care products and includes: cleanse, exfoliation and a moisture infusion.

We recommend this treatment if you do not have a skin regime at home and don't know what to do to start.
45min - $75


target treatments


An advanced in-spa eye treatment with immediate results.
30min - $50
Added to a facial $20

Lip Service

Dry, chapped, split lips? Instead of chewing on them, chew on this instant lip-fix.
30min - $30
Added to facial - $10

The Lash Life

Show off those peepers. Deepen your lash colour for a pop that others can't quite put their finger on.

Please remove contact lenses prior to service.
30min - $25

Just Browsing

As with the lashes, do the same for the frame of your face.
30min - $25

Lash & Brow Tinting Combo

30min - $40


hand & foot care

Hand Fix

Old Faithful. It includes nails trimmed and filed, cuticle work, hand exfoliation, desired targeted Treatments (i.e. hangnails, chapped cuticles, split nails etc), moisture infusion and a relaxing Hand and forearm massage.
30min - $45

Sock Destroyer

If your toe nails are causing some sock damage, then this service is the answer. Also a perfect add-on while spending time at the Spa. It includes nails trimmed and filed, and a light foot buff.
25min - $35

Foot Fix

This is, by far, the hardest working part of our body... and the most neglected. Isn't it time you gave a little something back?

This treatment is recommended if you have healthy feet and want to maintain good results. It includes a foot soak, an assessment of your feet's condition, nails trimmed and filed, cuticle work, foot exfoliation, callus reduction, moisture infusion and a relaxing foot and calf massage.

We recommend you do this treatment every 6 weeks to maintain your foot health.
45Min - $55

CMP Therapeutic Foot Fix

This therapeutic treatment is recommended if you are diabetic or have problematic feet (i.e. fungus, corns, cracked skin, hangnails, etc) and need extra foot care. It includes everything within our Foot Fix PLUS the necessary time to treat the desired issue(s).
The goal is to get your feet to a healthy stage so that you can continue to maintain your foot health with the Foot Fix.

The service is performed by a Certified Master Pedicurist (CMP), certified by the North American School of Podology (NASP). They are trained in recognizing foot conditions and performing appropriate treatments.
75Min - $70


Bodé packages

Duke of Bodé

An introduction to Spa Life. A 60 minute massage including a scalp massage and a Tune Up facial. How bad could it be?
2hrs - $150

Prince of Bodé (The Half Day)

Moving up the ranks of Royalty, this package includes a 30 minute body scrub and 90 minute massage, followed by a Sock Destroyer and Liquid Plumber facial.
3.5 to 4hrs - $295

King of Bodé (The Full Day)

Bodé becomes your Kingdom for a day. Your reign begins with a 30min body scrub and a 90 minute massage. Enjoy a delicious light lunch and then return to rule with a 2-hour facial, which includes a Hand Fix and Foot Fix.
5 to 6hrs - $425

The Big Day

Whatever the event (award ceremony, graduation, wedding, promotion, you name it), Bodé is there for you. Get photo ready with The Tune Up facial, combined with what we call the Facelift (eyebrow, nose and ear waxed). We will also get your hands and feet ready with the Hand Fix treatment and the Sock Destroyer so you can stand tall and proud.
2.5hrs - $190

The Rugger *Ottawa location only

Few things take a bigger beating in Rugby - and life - than your feet. Couple that with the tackles on (and off) the field and you've got a body that needs a time-out. Let us tackle you with a 30 minute body scrub and 60min HydroTherapy massage. After we've KO'ed you, we'll have a serious scrum with your lower 10 in a Foot Fix.
2.5hrs - $195

The Groomsmen *Ottawa location only

She has her day with friends, what about the GUYS? Book some spa services with us while you enjoy some guy-time together at The Spa, over food and drinks.
Call us to plan your ideal Groomsmen Day!


Share your spa experience with someone; whether it be a friend, family member or your other half. Enjoy some quiet time together or get yourselves ready for an upcoming event.

Couples Massage

Life can be more fun when you have a 'partner-in-crime' joining you, so why not share your spa experience with someone! Spend some time with someone you enjoy while you both relish in a relaxation massage in the same room together; romantic couples, best friends, father & son/daughter, family, etc.

This treatment is a relaxation treatment; insurance receipts cannot be issued.
60min - $130

Couples Package *Ottawa location only

Reserve our HydroTherapy Room for some time alone with your loved one. A staff member will show you and your partner how to perform a body scrub and mud application. You will then be given 1 hour alone in the HydroTherapy Room to perform these treatments on one another. Very romantic!
60min - $100

Create Your Own Experience

Want to build your own custom experience? Choose 3 or more services to create your own package to give to someone (or to yourself). Contact us for more details.


Not sure about a particular service? Want an estimate on some body grooming before booking an appointment? Book a consultation to meet with one of our therapists and get your questions answered.

If you book an appointment after your consultation, the $25 fee will be credited towards your scheduled appointment.
15min - $25 (will be credited towards your scheduled appointment, booked after your consultation)