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Meet Daniel Francoeur

What has fuelled the business model behind Bode is Daniel's passion for education. "I want to help others create a welcoming, relaxed space for men, and to be able to back it up with educated services and effective products that work".

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With over a decade of service under its belt, Bodé is one of Canada’s leading spas dedicated entirely to the service and grooming needs of the male patron.

Located in the picturesque Sandy Hill district of Ottawa and in the quiet Annex neighbourhood in Toronto, Bodé offers complete privacy, with a team of educated staff that are dedicated to bringing man and spa together in a comfortable and professional atmosphere that clients can truly call their own. Our experienced team is there to understand and help even the manliest man feel at ease.

The professional team at Bodé Spa have gained local, national, and even international attention, providing education and assistance, as well as selecting and introducing an array of male-specific products that deliver science to a solution. Come and treat yourself like a man!